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Member of CPC Shenzhen Standing Committee Municipal Committee and Propaganda Minister Li Xiaogan and his entourage visit YUTO Tech and guidance the work


On November 15, Li Xiaogan, member of Shenzhen Standing Committee Municipal Committee and Propaganda Minister, Chen Jinhai, vice minister of Propaganda Department of Standing Committee Municipal Committee, Wang Zhuozhong, deputy inspector of Municipal Sports and Tourism Bureau, Gao Zhiyuan, vice mayor of Baoan District, Wang Xi, standing deputy minister of Propaganda Department of Bao'an District, the leaders and staff of Baoan Sports and Tourism Bureau and Shiyan Subdistrict Office came to YUTO Tech to convey the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and study and visit the enterprises. The symposium was held to listen to the enterprise reports and respond to the demands of the enterprises. YUTO Tech chairman Wang Huajun, chief technical expert Professor Chen Guangxue, vice president Zhang Enfang and other leaders conducted a warm reception and attend the forum.


Li Xiaogan (center in the front row) and other leaders arrived at YUTO Tech, Chairman Wang Huajun (right in the front row) and other leaders had a warm and grand reception

Li Xiaogan and other leaders came to Headquarters Park of YUTO Tech and visited YUTO Hall. He listened in detail to the research and development achievements of YUTO, layout at home and abroad, environmental protection packaging and smart packaging, and works that won the design award of International Design Award and cultural and creative products. YUTO Tech positions as the overall high-end brand packaging solutions provider, and establishes and maintains long-term relations of cooperation with many well-known brands at home and abroad and the world's top 500 enterprises. During the visit, Li Xiaogan saw so many domestic and international high-end brands' packaging came from YUTO Tech and highly praised YUTO Tech's product quality and market capabilities. He carefully scrutinized the Maotai packaging that won recently awarded 2017 Red Dot Award, comprehended its design concepts. Chairman Wang Huajun accompanied by the visit and made a commentary.


visit YUTO’s Exhibition Hall and give his autograph as a momento.

In the subsequent research symposium, Chairman Wang Huajun thanked the Shenzhen municipal government and all levels of government for their long-term interest and support to YUTO Tech, and raised the problems encountered in the development of enterprises and the difficulties to be solved. Li Xiaogan listened attentively to the report and pointed out the responsible persons in charge of relevant departments on the scene to answer the problems encountered by the enterprises. Gao Zhiyuan, vice mayor of Baoan District, highly affirmed the development of YUTO Tech, said that YUTO Tech is a model enterprise in Bao'an District and the district government will continue to implement relevant policies to solve practical problems for enterprises. Wang Zhuozhong, Deputy Inspector of Shenzhen Sports and Tourism Bureau, said that as a key cultural enterprise in Shenzhen, YUTO will continue to be supported by the government. Relevant leaders of Shiyan Subdistrict Office also said that YUTO Tech has very high-quality development and crosses many fields of traditional manufacturing and information technology and cultural creativity, more support should be deserved.


group photo

Li Xiaogan said that 19th CPC Nation Congress is a new milestone. The report of 19th CPC Nation Congress mentioned the need to strengthen the support to SMEs, enhance the optimization and upgrading of traditional businesses, enhance cultural confidence and promote the prosperity of socialist culture. The continuous transformation and innovation and development of YUTO Tech are very fit to the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress. He pointed out that YUTO Tech as the city's key cultural enterprises, the first of top 100 printing and packaging enterprises in the country, municipalities and district government should increase support, party committees at all levels should strive to solve practical problems for enterprises. In the end, he wished YUTO Tech to create new achievements and achieve excellence in the new era.

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